Lucas Theory Group

Principal Investigator

Andy Lucas

Andrew Lucas

Assistant Professor (2019-)
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Contact by e-mail: andrew.j.lucas [at] colorado [dot] edu
Office: Duane Physics F629

Postdoctoral Fellows

Yiqiu Han

postdoctoral fellow (2024-), joint with R. Nandkishore
  • TBA

Oliver Hart

postdoctoral fellow (2021-), joint with R. Nandkishore

Umang Mehta

postdoctoral fellow (2023-)
  • Effective field theory and ersatz Fermi liquids

Amit Vikram

postdoctoral fellow (2024-), joint with A. M. Rey
  • TBA

Jian-Hao (Sergio) Zhang

postdoctoral fellow (2024-)
  • TBA

Graduate Students

Jinkang Guo

graduate student (2020-)

Yifan Hong

graduate student (2019-2024)
on to: postdoctoral fellow, University of Maryland and NIST

Isabella Zane

graduate student (2022-)

Undergraduate Students

Andrew Hicks

undergraduate student (2022-)
  • Electron hydrodynamics with x-momentum conservation

Elijah Lew-Smith

REU undergraduate student (Brown 2023)
  • Spin convection without long-range order


Chi-Fang (Anthony) Chen

undergraduate student (Stanford 2017-2019)
on to: graduate student, California Institute of Technology

Xiao Chen

postdoctoral fellow (2019), joint with R. Nandkishore
on to: tenure-track faculty, Boston College

Caleb Cook

graduate student (Stanford 2017-2022), joint with S. Kivelson
on to: teacher, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

Jason Iaconis

postdoctoral fellow (2020-2021), joint with R. Nandkishore, L. Radzihovsky
on to: industry

Henry Waldstreicher

undergraduate student (2021-2023)
on to: industry
  • Numerical simulations of fracton fluids